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Kobo UK - suppliers of hot foil printers, hot foil stampers and printing machines in the UK and Europe


Welcome to Kobo-UK.

Hot foil printers

When your business depends on it, don't compromise on the quality of your machine... we don't

Kobo are a world-renowned company with vast experience in building high quality hot foiling presses for international markets.
With bases in three countries, parts and materials are sourced to ensure the highest quality at the keenest prices. Design, engineering and finishing take place in-house and all equipment is inspected and tested prior to leaving the factory.

Specifications on all machines include:

Solid, industry standard cast alloy body
like a car engine to handle heat and pressure with zero frame distortion. All KOBO units are fully factory tested and then hand finished.

exclusive flat heating elements
for highly efficient and even heat distribution, critical to the successful production of high quality printing.

horizontal sliding print beads
to allow accurate, easy positioning of large and small products.

sealed modular electronics
from world leading manufacurers to ensure precise control, total reliability and complete safety.

full ergonomic design
KOBO equipment is designed so that all operations, setting up, printing and product recovery can be carried out with minimal effort while remaining comfortably seated.

TC-801 hot foil print machine
TC-822 hot foil printer

Hot Foil Printing

Hot Foiling or foil blocking as it is sometimes known is a highly attractive and permanent way of printing without the need to use ink.

Gold blocking was originally developed by ancient monks to decorate and enhance the covers of the books they painstakingly produced by hand.

Now similar effects are produced using a wide of foil materials from gold and silver to copper, metallic, matt colours and even holographic.

The results can be stunning and yet are easily achieved by complete novices using the right KOBO equipment.


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