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Kobo UK - suppliers of hot foil printers, hot foil stampers and printing machines in the UK and Europe



There has always been a huge market for the printed product, it does not decrease but increases.

The simplicity of the hot foil process with the efficieny of our KOBO equipment means even a complete novice can effectively produce the highest quality work for their customers.

Our Products include:

Hot foil printers, hot foil stamping machines

Starting from basics our machines have been purpose designed to handle specific tasks; hot foiling in all its many forms. The result is a range of sophisticated machines catering for the requirements of the home printer through to demanding commercial applications, which, thanks to their innovative design and the most advanced , efficient manufacturing techniques, are available at no more (and often less) than the cost of the basic platen machine.

TC-900 suitable for specialist printers and small items

TC-180 robust, compact and easily portable printer

TC-801 an ideal hot foil printer for those taking their first steps into hot foil printing.

KB-338 offers a wide range of possibilities for hot foil stamping and printing

TC-851 a big printing machine for those big print jobs

TC-822 an automatic hot foil printer with all the flexibility of a manual machine


More machines .......


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